The interesting thing is about this event is it isn't being held on the trail or, not incorporating Tioga Recreation at all.  To be honest.  Karl and Brett set out to do this on their own. Just for the challenge.  After a few people picked up on it, they decided they wanted to join for a portion making it bigger than we ever expected.  The snowball effect is how Tiogman was forged- bringing awareness for a progressive bike trail through payment of pure suffering- for 3 days.  So, after we complete this event, raise some money for Tioga, we will be fully immersed in the single track lifestyle.  

Next year- we have something much more special in store involving Tioga Recreation itself.  Stay tuned for the detes.  





Who: Brett Beckfeld and Karl Larsen.  Anyone can join- the more, the better! Train at own risk. Can be one day, one portion or one event.  Doesn’t matter.   This is not sanctioned event.  3 day triathlon workout.  The courses and expected arrival/departing times will be posted to the course one week before we start.

What: 1.2 Mile Open Water Swim, 56 Mile Bike, 13.1 Run..... X 3 DAYS IN A ROW.  Be prepared.  No checkpoints, aid stations, water stations or medical on site.  Just another day in triathlon training.

When: September 19-20-21st.  

Where: Deer Lake, Sugar Lake, Pokegama Lake with land course around Itasca County.

Why:  To bring awareness to Tioga Recreation and raise money in the process.  CITY OF COHASSET TO MATCH ALL DONATIONS 2 to 1.

This is not a sanctioned course and there are no sign ups.  Anyone who wishes to join and do either one sport, one day or the whole thing certainly is welcomed. Be prepared- there is not water stations, no aid stations, special needs or first aid.  Unless there is a tornado or massive blizzard in September, we will be pushing on. And print out the course- no directional.

It is encouraged to come with.  Yes- this event in theory has nothing to do with the single track itself in terms of physical sport- but that’s OK because next year we have something large in store with a partnership with the City of Cohasset. 

The city of Cohasset will match all donations 2 to 1!  Come join along, come support, Donate!



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